We are an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, token projects and protocols being built for Web3 services, DeFi and NFTs.

We believe in the power of blockchains to offer anonymity by pseudonym as a means of working toward self-sovereignty.

Our Fund Goal

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Web3 services and DeFi are changing the way we access the internet and conduct day-to-day business. NFTs are changing ownership rights of all asset classes.
Given these disruptions, the need for supporting infrastructure is significant.
The goal of our fund is to find protocols and teams that are moving these technologies forward.

We Are Experienced Crypto Entrepreneurs and Investors

Meet our team
Our team brings together successful, experienced crypto entrepreneurs and investors with backgrounds in traditional VC and crypto-native technologies.
Michael Tant

Co-founder / General Partner

Michael has been investing in decentralized technologies since 2015 and been advising and building numerous projects in the crypto space.

Emilio DiSanluciano

Co-founder / General Partner

With more than 25 years of experience as a principal and advisory investor, Emilio was a pioneer in late-stage pre-IPO secondary investments.

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About Us

Our Mission
We believe crypto networks will replace middlemen in the next-gen of digital products. Stellar user experience and infrastructure will be crucial to mainstream adoption.
Our fund invests in disruptive innovation for growth and value:
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